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In real estate there can be many ways to market properties. Price changes can be one of the tools agents or brokers will commonly use.

A price reduction that is done with the intent of selling the house will typically have to be a dollar amount that is substantial enough to sway potential buyers to purchase your property over others, or put your property into a different price search. For example, if someone is searching for property on Zillow,, Trulia or, and they are searching up too $600,000 but your property is listed at $601,000. Your property would not show up in their search results, however if your property was listed at $600,000 and within their search criteria, it would be displayed to that potential buyer.

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I just want to give a huge shout out to Sabrina Jones-Schroeder. She is the Designated Broker of Exit Real Estate in Spokane, WA. I just finished a transaction with her and I must say, out of all of the Realtors in this city, she is among the best! We were able to close this transaction quickly and with virtually no hiccups throughout. Oh! By the way, both myself and her had surgery during this transaction and neither one of us missed a beat!


It is agents like Sabrina that make doing real estate fun and enjoyable! This is also the second time I have sold this particular house! If you are looking for an agent in Spokane, Spokane Valley, or anywhere in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho, give Source Real Estate a Call.


As always, at

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I just wanted to take a moment and recognize one of my competitors. Jeff Thomas with 4 Degrees Real Estate in Spokane, and myself just finished a transaction that went very smooth! Even after the transaction has been finished we have still had some questions and he has been willing to still help.


It is always great to see other real estate agents in Spokane working great together. Even though Source Real Estate offers a 1% Listing Fee, we are by no means discount real estate agents. We strive to make sure we interact with other agents with the highest level of professionalism and ethical behavior.


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In 2019 the VA lending cap looks to be increasing to $484,350, this in an increase from $453,100 in 2018. Do you think this amount needs to be higher? Also, what amount do this limit get you where you live?


One of my pet peeves that I frequently see listing agents do is not list VA on the acceptable terms of sale. While I fully understand some of the reasoning for not doing this, i.e. if a home is selling over the lending cap, I think this is taking away from the sellers potential buying pool. As we know, loan type is one of the search criteria Realtors use when assisting their buys. If a listing agent does not check the box for VA, that property simply will not show up in the search. I have personally seen VA buyers purchase well above the VA

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Thinking of changing Real Estate companies? Exploring a possible career in Real Estate or where to place your brand-new Real Estate Agent license?

We invite you to learn more about Source Real Estate. An independently owned real estate company, started by the top Real Estate Agent in Spokane. Learn how Dave Reynolds went from zero real estate experience to awards, accolades and magazine covers in less than 24 months!

Due to our continued growth, we are looking for Real Estate Agents to join our team.

Source Real Estate offers:

• World-class education, training and career opportunities for both part time and full time Sales Agents. We have multiple weekly trainings to help sharpen your skills to hone your craft.
• We support our

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Next Thursday the Spokane City Council is holding a Housing Policy Meeting for Landlords and Property Managers. All area apartment owners, property managers, brokers, and concerned citizens must turn out to voice your concerns, and present your issues and point of view.


The proposals include:

  • "Just Cause Eviction" - This would prevent asking a tenant to leave except for a very limited number of reasons, and prevents landlords from removing bad tenants
  • Requiring landlords to have a business license
  • Landlord Registration Program
  • Requiring all landlords to be bonded
  • Renter's "Bill of Rights" that would strip landlord rights
  • City of Spokane Rental Property Inspection Program
  • New "Property Maintenance Code"
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